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In a 2021 survey to our construction clients, 96% were highly likely to recommend us


In a 2021 survey to our construction clients,
96% were highly likely to recommend us

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Specialist Asbestos Removal Services

With years of industry experience in hazardous waste management we provide a compliant and safe storage, collection and asbestos disposal service

Fully Compliant and Qualified in Asbestos Disposal

We ensure compliance with and work according to best practice, following all health and safety policies and procedures. We ensure all asbestos is cleared and disposed of via legitimate channels. All associated documentation is provided including consignment notes and waste transfer notes, showing proof of proper handling and the disposal facility your asbestos is taken to.

We offer a range of solutions as part of our asbestos service, they include:

Site Investigation
Asbestos Skip Hire
Licensed Asbestos Removal
Non Licensed Asbestos Removal
Collection & Disposal Service
Contaminated Land & Asbestos in Soils

If there is anything you are uncertain of, or if you have any additional asbestos removal enquires then you can contact our expert team at 020 3468 4748 to get the help you need

Asbestos Removal FAQs

What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a naturally occurring material that was widely used in construction projects during the 20th Century. The use of asbestos was finally banned in 1999 when it was uncovered that asbestos was linked to being the cause of long-term health-related illnesses. If your home was built or refurbished before the 1990s there is a high probability that there may be asbestos within the property. To be certain we conduct a thorough asbestos survey which will identify if there is any asbestos in the property and if so what kind – this way we can ensure we are fully equipped to effectively deal with it

Where it can be found:

Asbestos can be found in many different areas and can come in many forms. Areas in which asbestos can be found include:
– Walls and Tiling
– Ceiling Tiles
– Roofing Sheets
– Water Tanks
– Pipes

Here at SyteLink we are leading professionals in asbestos removal and always dispose of all hazardous waste in an efficient and environmentally friendly manor

Why must Asbestos be removed?

It is critical that asbestos is removed as it is known to be cause or  contributing factor to a wide range of long-term health issues, with the worst effects being when a person is exposed to asbestos over a long period of time.

There is currently no known way to reverse the damage Asbestos can do to someone’s health

You can find out more about Asbestos, why it is dangerous and why it is essential to get it removed if you think that it could effect you on the Health and Safety executive Gov UK website HERE

How is Asbestos removed?

First we will locate the asbestos and in the areas in which we find it we will then work to isolate it to prevent the fibers from spreading, taking all necessary safety precautions to remove the material carefully.  We always ensure to handle it with the utmost care to prevent it from causing any harm to people and the environment.

As part of our routine strip-out service we also always ensure to check for asbestos, removing it where required to keep our employees safe while they carry out the work – at SyteLink safety is always our priority

After we have successfully removed the asbestos, we then contain and transport the substance to a licensed waste facility where it can be safely processed and issue a hazardous waste consignment note to the producer of the waste as evidence that the waste has been transferred and disposed of lawfully.

How much does Asbestos removal cost?

Every asbestos removal and collection are different. The cost of asbestos removal is bespoke to each job and depends on how much asbestos is to be removed, what type of asbestos it is, and where it is embedded in the property amongst other factors.

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Other Waste Management services

Hazardous Waste:

We also offer services aimed at the removal of other hazardous waste (COSHH, Paint, Chemicals etc), please refer to our Hazardous Waste page here for more information

Skip Hire / RORO Skip Hire

For projects where you may require some more conventional waste management services alongside asbestos removal we offer a variety of skip sizes ranging from 4 yard skips all the way up to 40 yard RORO skip for hire

Please refer to our Skip Hire page for more information on skips ranging from 4 yards to 16 yards and our RORO Skip Hire page for RORO skips from 20 yards to 40 yards

Cage Collection

We also offer Cage Collection (also known as “Wait and Load” services for when our skip hire services are not ideal and you need your waste to be dealt with in a more quick and efficient manor

Please refer to our Cage Collection page for more information

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If you need help from one of our expert advisers

Need help from one of our advisers? 

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