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In a 2021 survey to our construction clients, 96% were highly likely to recommend us


In a 2021 survey to our construction clients,
96% were highly likely to recommend us

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Specialist Concrete Supply Services

With years of industry experience in concrete supply, we offer great quality & competitively priced concrete products for our clients, supporting key deliverables so that your project runs smoothly and on time.

Great Prices on Concrete

We source high quality mixed concrete for a wide variety of commercial & domestic uses & work closely with partners to ensure that our clients get the best available market price. 

Our knowledgeable & friendly team offers a fast turnaround on concrete supply to keep your project moving forward. We deal with everything from mixed concrete to concrete pump hire quickly & efficiently, so you can stay on track with no supply chain holdups allowing you to carry on with business as usual.

Concrete Supply FAQs

Why choose Syte Link

Competitively Priced:

Here at Syte Link, we strive to ensure that we are able to offer our concrete supply hire services to customers at the most competitive cost possible while being sure to maintain the highest standard of service and customer satisfaction

Fast Delivery:

We are able to offer exceptionally fast delivery times for this service, always striving to meet your needs with regards to delivery day and time

Just let our expert team know when you want it and we will take care of the rest

Range of concrete supply services:

We offer a full and comprehensive range of concrete supply services that we can tailor to your specific needs, this includes:
– Volumetric concrete
– Readymix concrete
– On site mixed concrete
– Concrete pump hire
– Screed floor
– Domestic concrete

Whatever your needs, we have you covered

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What are some applications of concrete?

Concrete Floors

Concrete flooring is available in a variety of grades to achieve the required finish. All strengths and mix classes are available for screed flooring, reinforced, polished, external and internal floors. 

Concrete Foundations

Our Foundation concretes provide a strong solid base which is able to suit a variety of ground conditions, delivered on site at a time that suits you. 

Concrete Driveways

We mix durable and hard wearing concrete for driveways and driveway bases that is built to last and withstand heavy use.

Concrete Shed Bases

We help you work out the concrete requirements of your shed base so that you get a practical solution that is affordable and long lasting. 

Concrete New Builds

We supply concrete of various grades for small, medium and large scale building projects to your specifications and ready to mix on site. 

Concrete Extensions

We provide standard concrete mixes and designated concrete for domestic and commercial extensions, ensuring that you only pay for what you need.

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If you want to make an enquiry, you can call us now on 0203 468 4748 or fill in our enquiry form HERE

What are the different types of concrete?

On Site Mixed Concrete

Various aggregates, cement and water go into making on site concrete that is strong and durable. Commercially mixed concrete comes in a variety of grades that can be used for making stairs, walls, floors and beams. 

Ready Mix Concrete 

Ready mixed concrete saves time, labour and space on site and is a convenient option as it arrives ready to use with a concrete pump. Designated ready mixed concrete (anchor) is available for a variety of applications and is an affordable option for construction projects.

Volumetric Concrete

Volumetric concrete has a compressive strength that is twice as strong as traditional concrete and is used to build bridges, buildings, and dams as it can withstand heavy loads. It is also highly sustainable and can be recycled and reused up to 50 times.

Mini Mix Concrete

Mini mix concrete is an affordable and convenient choice for contractors working on small scale projects and is a combination of cement, sand and gravel which meets British Standards. (Anchor)

Concrete for Domestic Use

Standard prescribed concrete (anchor) is suitable for a range of domestic uses and comes ready mixed for non structural applications such as setting internal and external fixtures, and grouting paving slabs and tiles.

Concrete for Commercial Use

The durability of concrete is determined by cement and aggregate material quality. Choosing aggregates which bulk up the concrete can reduce the cost of making large quantities for commercial projects, and adding  plasticizers (anchor) can be mixed in to make the concrete more resistant to corrosion 


Screed flooring is poured and leveled on top of a compacted surface. Screed can be poured onto concrete, wooden floors or asphalt, and is produced with sulphate resistant additives to reduce corrosion.

Concrete Pump Hire

Truck mounted and tracker mounted pumps are available for a range of construction sites to distribute ready mixed concrete. Drum pumps can also be used to produce a variety of different types such as slurry, low slump, high slump, and self-consolidating concrete.

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If you want to make an enquiry, you can call us now on 0203 468 4748 or fill in our enquiry form HERE

What are the specifications of concrete?

Standard Prescribed Concrete (SPC) 

Standard prescribed concrete mixes are made with predefined attributes. This concrete is usually mixed onsite and is made to British Standard specifications. Standardized concrete comes in 5 mix strengths for use in a variety of non structural projects such as edge bedding, trench filling, drainage, and paving.

Designated Concrete 

Designated concrete prescribes the material composition for both commercial and domestic use, defining recipes for what to mix into concrete across a variety of applications across the civil engineering Industry.

Designed Concrete 

Designed concrete is made to the exact mix and proportions of the specifier, and various mixes are often pretreated in a lab before the concrete is produced at scale. Designed concrete specifications consider curing conditions, structural dimensions, and environmental factors.

Proprietary Concrete 

Proprietary concrete is produced to fulfil a specific task or performance characteristic in line with particular design specifications and contract requirements. The composition of the concrete is often only known to producers to ensure that their IP is protected and that they can continue to manufacture exclusively for their clients.

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If you want to make an enquiry, you can call us now on 0203 468 4748 or fill in our enquiry form HERE

Additional Information

British Standards

British Standards for concrete require that concrete products meet a standard of efficacy and quality control to ensure certain conditions are met for the concrete to be considered fit for purpose. British Standards refer to appropriate use, code of practice within the design, manufacture and installation of the concrete, and material composition of the finished product. 

Concrete Plasticisers and Retarders 

Plasticizers and SuperPlasticizers (SPs) are chemical compounds that can be added to concrete to make them more pourable and improve workability using up to 30% less water. Plasticizers retard the setting process and produce stronger concrete as a result of the reduced water content. Water reducers are also used for producing stronger concrete, reducing water content by up to 10% and decreasing porosity. Water reducers are similar to retarders in that they also prolong the setting process. Concrete retarding admixtures can be used specifically to delay setting time, and also have water reducing properties

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