Cage Collection

Sometimes traditional skip hire is simply not suitable for the job. Our wait and load service will help you get rid of waste quickly and efficiently.

Our wait and load service is truly adaptable because we understand that our customers have a wide range of needs. We operate a large fleet of vehicles that are able to meet your differing needs in a variety of situations. We can discuss your individual requirements over the phone and plan a bespoke service for you.

High Volumes of Waste
Professional and Reliable
Affordable Prices
Licensed and Experienced

Cage Collection in 4 easy steps

1. Booking

Choose a convenient date

2. Delivery / Collection

We cater the service to your needs

3. Disposal 

We dispose of your waste

4. Transfer Documentation

We handle the documentation

What waste isn't allowed in Cage Collection

Gas Cylinders
Lithium ion batteries
Paint tins

Clinical Waste

Please note that additional costs may be incurred if you are found to be trying to dispose of items during your Cage Collection that are not allowed, for full terms and conditions please see HERE – If you wish to dispose of any of this waste then please refer to our Hazardous Waste services page here and we would be happy to help

Cage Collection FAQs

What is Cage Collection ?

Cage Collection, also known as “Man and Van” is a variant of our waste disposal services that are ideal for when traditional skip hire is not the best option.

Cage Collection is faster and more adaptable than traditional forms of skip hire, the sense that we can cater the service to your exact needs and work with more exact time frames for the disposal of your waste.

Enquire Now:

If you wish to enquire about our Cage Collection services, or get more information about exactly what this service entails – then you can call our friendly team at 02034684748 or fill in our enquiry form HERE and we will get back to you in a timely manor

How do I book a Cage Collection service ?

If you with to enquire about our Cage Collection services then please call us at 02034684748 or alternatively fill in our enquiry form HERE and we will get back to you in a timely manor

We will tailor the Cage Collection service to your specific needs and give you a no obligation quote for the service, we always strive to offer our customers the best and most competitive prices on the market for our services

What are the benefits of Cage Collection

Fast and cost effective:

The main benefit of cage collection services over conventional skip hire is that cage collection is a much faster and effective way to get rid of your waste, allowing you to work within much tighter deadlines that you would be able to if hiring a normal skip

We are able to tailor the service to your exact needs, giving you a cost effective quote where you are essentially paying for “what you need”, then we are able to ensure everything with regards to your service is handled within the specified timeframe and you are supported every step of the way

No licenses required:

One of the big drawbacks to hiring a skip is all of the admin work required when you need to apply for a license to have it where you want it, this is timely and far from ideal – especially when you want your waste removed asap

With our Cage Collection services you don’t have to worry about any licenses or permits, just let us tailor the service to your needs and we will make sure everything goes off without a hitch

What are the costs of Cage collection ?

We understand that everyone wants to minimise the cost of waste management whilst ensuring compliance with the regulations and minimising the impact on the environment. SyteLink continues to invest in improving recovery rates, reducing costly landfill and using the most appropriate and efficient recycling routes for your waste.

When booking your Cage Collection services with us you can be confident you are not only getting the service from industry leading professionals, but we also strive to provide the service at the best prices possible 

For an obligation free quote please call us at 02034684748 or fill in our enquiry form HERE and we will get back to you within a timely manor

Other Waste Management Services

Hazardous waste disposal

We are committed to helping you to find the most convenient and cost-effective waste management solution for your needs and if it turns out that the waste materials are unsuitable for our skip hire, we offer environmentally friendly hazardous waste disposal.

Our service covers all materials and substances which are classed as hazardous waste, from potentially dangerous substances like asbestos, to commonly found items such as paint, solvents and fluorescent tubes which are not permitted in skips. Other items that are prohibited from being placed in skips include gas cylinders, batteries, oil and fuel, medical waste, plasterboard and electrical appliances.

We have teams of experienced professionals who will assess your hazardous waste, safely collect it, and transfer the waste to an Approved Authorised Treatment Facility (AATF), where it will be processed correctly, minimising environmental impact and standards set out by the Environment Agency under U.K. law.

Skip Hire

We offer a wide variety of skip hire options, with skip sizes ranging from 4 yards to 16 yards. If you have a project that needs skip(s) of this size then please see our Skip Hire page HERE for more information

RORO Skip Hire

We also offer Roll on Roll of (RORO) skips for larger projects, these are skips ranging from 20 yards to 40 yards and are capable of holding much more waste than our normal skips. For more information on our RORO skip hire services please see our RORO skip hire page HERE 

Contact Us 

Alternatively you can get in contact with our expert team at 02034684748 if you have more queries about how we can handle your demands or help you deal with more complex projects (Require multiple services, not sure what size skip / roro is needed for your project etc)